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Georgia health insurance quotes can help you find the health insurance coverage you need at a price you can afford.

It doesn't matter whether you reside in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Sandy Springs, Macon, Roswell, Albany, Johns Creek or a smaller town in Georgia, no matter where you live in the state, you have many options to choose from when you compare insurance policies online or offline.

While comparing Georgia health insurance quotes, you'll notice that prices vary widely. But it's important to compare more than prices. You see, even if two different policies are the same price, the type of coverage you get may be quite different. As an example, one policy might be an HMO with a low deductible, while another may be a PPO with a high deductible. (More about HMOs, PPOs, and other types of health insurance plans can be found below.)

Considerations When Comparing Georgia Health Insurance Quotes

Some plans might cover all or part of any lab work you have done, or even prescriptions, while other policies might not cover those items at all.

Another thing to consider is whether or not it is important to you to continue seeing doctors you're already familiar with, or if you would see different doctors to stay in your insurance plan's network and save money by doing so.

Then there's your deductible. People who want to save money will often choose a plan with a high deductible in order to save money and to get coverage in case of major illness or accident. But if you go to the doctor often, you might be better off getting a health insurance policy with a lower deductible, that way you will pay less out of pocket.

Georgia Health Insurance Quotes – Health Plans Compared

Here are a few of the most common plans you're likely to see when comparing Georgia health insurance quotes:

Georgia HMO Health Insurance: HMOs (Health Management Organizations) cost less than most other types of health insurance, but you will be limited to seeing health professionals within the HMO network. Usually there are no deductibles and co-pays are very affordable.

Georgia PPO Health Insurance:
PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) allow you to see professionals outside the established network, although co-pays will be higher and the insurance company will pay less of the expense when you do so. With this type of policy, you have plenty of freedom of choice, but your deductible will be higher than if you went with an HMO.

Georgia POS Health Insurance:
A POS (Point of Service) plan will usually be less expensive than a PPO, yet you can still go out of the network to see specialists. The only thing is, your primary care physician will have to refer you to a specialist first. Again, if you go out of the POS network for a specialist, you will likely have to pay a higher co-pay, and you will also need to file the necessary paperwork with your insurance company for reimbursement if you've met your deductible.

Georgia EPO Health Insurance: An EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization) is very similar to an HMO as far as what they cover. The difference is simply how doctors are paid by the insurance company. Where they are available, this is often the cheapest kind of health insurance policy you will likely find. An EPO would be a great option for a young person who is healthy and doesn't need to seek medical attention but once in a while.

Georgia HDHP Health Insurance:
HDHPs (High Deductible Health Plans) allow you to save money tax-free for medical costs. And once you reach retirement age, you can take money out for purposes other than health care. You will need an HSA (Health Savings Account) where you will put the money needed to meet your deductible. Deductibles tend to be high in this sort of plan, but you will have plenty of freedom to see the doctors you choose.

Georgia SDHP Health Insurance: SDHPs (Self-Directed Health Plans) also allow you to put money aside for future medical expenses with a self-directed account. You fund the account quarterly, and any money left over at the end of the year will roll over to the next.

Most Georgia health insurance quotes will fall into one of the above categories, but there may be other types of health insurance policies available.

Before choosing a policy, make sure you get the most coverage you can. Many people who file for bankruptcy over medical bills actually have health insurance, simply not enough coverage.

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