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Oklahoma health insurance quotes are important for a number of reasons. Most people will agree that their health is the most important thing that they have and that trying to work to keep their health is also important. That being said, though, many people stop short of actually carrying health insurance, which may mean that they neglect the things that they need to actually remain healthy.

In Oklahoma, there are even more things that can make having good and affordable health insurance even more important. Nearly 20 percent of the state’s residents are without insurance, but that number is thankfully dropping. More than 25 percent of the state’s residents still smoke, a number that is alarming because of the number of preventable and avoidable conditions that can be caused by smoking alone.

Oklahoma also has a high rate of preventable hospitalizations, which means that people are paying for trips to the hospital when they could have avoided it, often with very simple things such as adequate, preventative medical care. The state also has a high number of deaths related to heart disease, many of which are preventable as well. Thirty two percent of the people in the state are obese, a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

These things work together to put the state in the bottom ten in terms of health standings and making it even more important to protect yourself and your family with Oklahoma health insurance quotes.

The Cost of Health Care vs. the Cost of Health Care Insurance

Many people are offered health care coverage through their employers, but elect not to enroll because they say it costs too much. But, the average cost of a doctor’s appointment can be around $100, not counting the cost of medications and follow up appointments. That cost can be more than five times as high if the illness or injury becomes something more serious or if you head straight to the emergency room instead of trying to get into the doctor.

If you think you don’t need to get Oklahoma health insurance quotes, consider this:

You wake up one morning with a very sore throat. You take medications but nothing really works and you become more and more miserable. Eventually you call a doctor and go in for an appointment, which may cost, on average, $130, or you get frustrated and go to the local hospital. That emergency room visit can cost you around $543. You get lab work and then medications, which increases the cost. You are also told that you are infectious, so you lose a few days of work. Insurance is starting to sound more affordable, right?

But, what if that sore throat was something more serious? If your sore throat turns out to be something more serious, and requires surgery, the costs can be even higher. If you are admitted to an Oklahoma hospital, your average say will be just under three days, with an average cost of just over $11,011. For an obese patient, the stay may be as much as a full day longer and the cost will rise by nearly $4,000.

The Types of Health Insurance in Oklahoma

There is a number of different insurance coverage types that you will want to include or exclude when you try to get Oklahoma health insurance quotes. Everyone’s health and health insurance needs are different, meaning that while the need for coverage is universal, the type of coverage is not. These are just a few of the types of health insurance that you might be interested in seeking quotes for:

  • Individual insurance. Meant for the single person or the spouse of someone who is covered by their employer.
  • Family insurance. May cover both adults or only one adult plus the children of the family. Grandchildren can be included on the family insurance coverage in certain situations with some restrictions.
  • Maternity insurance. Meant to cover the cost of prenatal health care, the birth of the child and follow up checkups, this can provide better insurance coverage than basic health insurance.
  • Short term health insurance. Some people may be going to a different job or may be changing insurance policies on a certain date. Short term health insurance can be used to cover the gaps in coverage from one policy to another.
  • Traveler’s health insurance. Going on vacation can be very exciting. Getting hurt or ill while on vacation can be very expensive. This insurance coverage is meant to ease that financial burden.

Not all coverage is available to everyone. There are restrictions and limitations to most types of health insurance.

The Best Way To Get Oklahoma Health Insurance Quotes

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