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Wisconsin health insurance quotes will help you see a comparison of different types of medical coverage and prices if you're shopping for a better health plan in Wisconsin. If you reside in Milwaukee Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine, Appleton, Waukesha, Oshkosh, or some other Wisconsin city, you can get a variety of health insurance quotes so you can make the best decision about what kind of policy you need for your health needs.

There are many different kinds of health insurance plans available today in Wisconsin. Some offer more coverage than others. You will have to decide whether it is important to you to visit specialists outside of your network, and how high a deductible you are willing to pay.

Before you start comparing Wisconsin health insurance quotes, it would be helpful to understand some of the similarities and differences between various types of plans.

Health Plan Options To Consider for Wisconsin Health Insurance Quotes

Wisconsin HMO Health Insurance: HMOs (Health Management Organizations) are known both for their benefits and their drawbacks. HMO rates are usually among the lowest you can find for the amount of medical coverage you get, and HMOs do a good job of focusing on disease prevention. One common complaint, though, is that it is nearly impossible to see a physician or specialist outside of your network. On the other hand, there usually isn't a deductible and your co-pay, if any, will be quite low.

Wisconsin PPO Health Insurance: A PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) gives you a lot of control, and though this type of health insurance policy costs more than an HMO, you can still go to doctors outside of your network. Though your co-pay may be higher and the insurance company pay less of a percentage of what they would pay if you stayed in the network, you have the choice of what doctors you want to see. Unlike with HMOs, there is a deductible with this type of plan.

Wisconsin POS Health Insurance: POS (Point of Service) plans are more flexible than HMOs, and often less expensive than PPOs. With a POS plan, your primary healthcare provider decides if or when you need to see a specialist. Then you'll have a choice whether you want to stay within your network of providers, or if you want to go outside the network. Outside the network you will likely have higher co-pays and be responsible for filing the proper paperwork.

Wisconsin EPO Health Insurance: EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization) plans are great for healthy people looking for cheap health insurance, and also for people in rural areas where there isn't an HMO available. EPOs are even cheaper than HMOs. They operate more or less the same, but they are structured differently in terms of how the healthcare providers are paid.

Wisconsin HDHP Health Insurance: HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) plans are very flexible in that you can see whichever doctors you want. The downside is a big deductible you would have to meet before the insurance picks up your medical bills. However, you can use an HDHP in conjunction with an HSA (Health Savings Account) to put away money you might need for your deductible and earn interest on it tax-free. And, once you reach retirement age, you can use the money for other uses besides healthcare.

Wisconsin SDHP Health Insurance:
A SDHP (Self-Directed Health Insurance Plan) also lets you have a special account for your medical expenses. You can see specialists outside your network, though your plan will pay less of the expense if you do so. Deductibles are relatively high, but if you don't use all the money set aside in your account, it rolls over for use the next year. This lets you save money for healthcare when you actually need it, rather than paying for coverage when you don't need them.

These are just a few of the types of health insurance policies you will be comparing when you request Wisconsin health insurance quotes. You will also need to compare the maximum amounts the specific policies will pay for different needs, for example, some may pay for lab costs while others may not. And some will pay more for treatment for specific illnesses, yet other types of diseases, such as mental illness or substance abuse, may not be covered at all.

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